Vice President & CFO

My experience in the security industry is as a customer.  My professional experience, however, is in the finance, investment and real estate industries. So, you may ask why I’m an owner of Starshield? Simple. I’ve spent my career evaluating ‘good ideas’ and developing financial models and protocols for their success. I’ve been called ‘frugal’, but what other trait would you want from a financial executive?

Vice President - Starshield Intelligence

I’ve spent the last 31 years in law enforcement, close protection, and private investigations, and it would be an under-statement to say that I’ve seen it all. With police budget cuts it makes private security even more critical.

Director, Corporate Operations

I’ve been serving the private security industry for the last 12 years in virtually every capacity; for both small and very large security companies. I’ve stood a post at 2 a.m. I’ve patrolled properties and supervised hundreds of security officers.

Vice President

I’ve spent my entire career in the security industry providing security services for high profile individuals, and companies in many different industries.  As a Security Qualified Manager, I have managed my own security company.